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Biggest Bathroom Traps: How to Avoid Renovation Nightmares

A place that you can call home is a dream for most people. That little piece of the world, where you can go at the end of the day, close the door and shut out the rest of the world for a few hours.

Once you own a home, however, you’ll begin to turn your attention to other details, such as home improvements.

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Home improvement

In Australia alone, it has been reported that one in six people aren’t happy with their homes.

A considerable number by any standard, it also emerged that people were spending more and more on renovations to improve their homes. In 2017 Houzz reported the medium spend on bathroom renovations was $13,000.

It’s not surprising, however, especially if you’ve just bought your ‘dream home.’ On the other side, however, home improvements can actually add value to the property. A bathroom renovation, for example, can add up to 10% to the value of the property over time.

This is great news for those that aren’t looking to move, and those that want to make as much money from their property when selling

Now’s a great time to do it

The Australian property market is even going through a boom at the moment. It was reported during 2022 there was a 9.1% increase in house prices. The biggest increase in 40 years.

However, before you jump headfirst into the world of bathroom renovations, there are a few things you should keep your eye on. Below, you’ll find five things to look out for, to ensure you avoid a nightmare with your bathroom renovation.

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#1  – Spending

How much you spend on the renovation will have a lot of contributing factors. For instance, the style and layout of your home, and your specific needs and desires will play into it the most.

For larger families, you’d be looking for practicality, whereas someone on their own may be looking for something different. Meanwhile, those looking to do the bathroom up before selling won’t be looking at the same level when it comes to finishes as those looking to stay a few years.

Therefore, it’s essential to sit and think about what you really want, and then discuss it with a tradesperson to see what’s possible, and what the costs would be for individual elements. This should then help you to understand what you can afford on the budget you have.

#2 – Do you need a full renovation?

If you’ve just bought a home and the bathroom isn’t up to your standard or doesn’t function as well as you’d like, then a full renovation could be in order. It could be the same if the bathroom is too small, and you need to knock a few walls down to extend the space.

However, if you’re just making it nice to improve a sale, a cosmetic renovation is usually all you need to go for. Just change a few fittings, a quick paint job, and you should be good to go.

#3 – Finding the right tradesperson

While a renovation can be expensive, you don’t want to save money on the person doing it.

If they’re charging a price that seems too good to be true, that’s usually because it is. In fact, dodgy tradespeople have been causing a bit of a stir of late, with the high number of them giving good tradespeople a bad name, and costing people thousands in scams.

That’s why you should always ensure you research and find the right person for the job, rather than hiring them based on cost alone.

#4 – The right choices

You may want to go for an uber-trendy bathroom that’s the cutting edge of style these days. But, will it still be cutting edge in a year or two?

If the answer is ‘probably not,’ it’s best to stay well clear of it. Not only will it annoy you every time you walk in, but it’ll also be a massive waste of money on your part, especially if you’re planning on living here for quite some time.

Also, if the time comes in three years when you decide to move on, the bathroom could cause some issues. If it’s dated and undesirable, chances are, the new owners will want to re-do it, resulting in them trying to knock money off the property. Or, it could result in you having to renovate it before the sale.

Either way, try going with practical, functional looks that’ll date well, and go trendy with your own styling to avoid any negative ramifications down the line. Also, let’s not forget; the style of the bathroom will severely impact the cost. So, the more modern and trendier it is, the pricier it could be.

#5 – To DIY, or not to DIY

This is the big question. If it’s just the odd bit of cosmetic painting and the changing of a tap, you may want to do it yourself.

However, if it’s a big job, don’t attempt to do it yourself. If you aren’t a practical person, chances are you’re going to do it wrong, no matter how many YouTube videos you’ve watched.

There are people trained to do these jobs, which is why you should always seek help from a professional. Not only will they be able to do the job, but guide you in the right direction as to what you can and can’t have, while also highlighting the costs. It’ll also save you money if something goes wrong and you need to call them anyway.

If you are thinking of staying or moving, then a bathroom renovation is always great regardless, and now, you should be able to head into a renovation with peace of mind as you await the outcome.

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