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Best Bathroom Paint For Remodelling

A fresh coat is a great way to renovate your bathroom walls, though there are many options for choosing a brand, a hue, or a finish. Of all your choices, the right bathroom paint is most essential.

The best bathroom paints leave a beautiful finish and deliver long-lasting resistance against moisture, mould, and mildew.

So what’s the best bathroom paint? Let’s find out.

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How to Choose the Best Bathroom Paint

The best
bathroom paints feature a satin or glossy finish. Others may include other properties like mildew-resistant additives or antibacterial agents to enhance performance.

But the most challenging part of any bathroom renovation project is picking the right paint colour—all you need to do is choose one, but what’s the best?

Are you looking for dark, moody tones or a bold pop of colour? A well-designed bathroom must feature a paint shade that filters natural light and controls foot traffic. Here’s how you can start your search.

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Choose a Base 

Choosing a suitable base paint is essential as every base type has a specific application and level of durability. The most common bases used are oil-based formulations as they offer water resistance, but since they are slow drying, they aren’t easy to clean up.

Latex paints are water-based and far more environmentally friendly, with fewer toxic compounds than oil paints. Some of the best latex paints are preferred to oil-based variants as their clean-up only requires washers and rollers.

Acrylic paint is an excellent base for DIY projects, like when you want to paint bathroom interiors like a powder room with light, water-resistant paint.

Waterproof Your Walls

Since bathrooms are high-humidity spaces, they can leave your walls and ceiling damp for long periods. You can damage your bathroom interiors without proper ventilation when excess moisture seeps into your walls.

Moisture-resistant paints have a molecular structure that prevents water from penetrating the surface. Additionally, walls painted with moisture-resistant solutions are easier to maintain as the surface is smooth and resistant to build-up.

Remove Mould and Mildew

When cleaning your bathroom walls, you may come across mould and mildew—types of fungi—that thrive in damp conditions. Bathrooms are an ideal habitat, but they may present a health hazard without proper treatment.

Some of the highest quality bathroom paints feature antimicrobial properties like mould-killing primers that must be coated on the surface. Remove the mould and mildew and treat it with bleach or chemical solutions to prevent further outbreaks.

To remove mould from a drywall, you also need the proper safety gear, gloves, and a respirator while holding a paintbrush to prevent breathing in toxic fumes or spores.

Always Check Coverage Time

Bathroom paints may offer different coverage—every square foot per litre—so you’ll have to figure out how many coats you need. For instance, you may need multiple coats when painting a pastel over a dark background

Pay attention to the paint’s drying time and carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions. If your first layer needs a recoat, ensure sufficient time between coats before applying another layer.

Choose the Right Finish

Different paints offer unique finishes, each offering a range of benefits to consumers of all kinds:

  • Gloss and semi-gloss finish paints offer a durable surface. They’re ideal for high-humidity environments. The only drawback is that they cannot hide imperfections as they reflect more light, and faults are more likely to show. Paints with shiny finishes are easier to clean and more resistant to moisture, mould, and mildew than flat finishes.
  • Matte and eggshell finishes are ideal for minimalistic interiors owing to the flattened aesthetics, and they hide flaws well, as the almost complete absence of reflection allows easy filtering.
  • The satin finish is another option that’s more durable and shinier than matte but has a semi-gloss structure, so it’s ideal for a bathroom. It’s easy to clean, durable, and can be used on bathroom walls, trim, vanities, and ceilings.

How Do High Gloss Paints Prevent Dampness?

High-gloss paints have moisture resistant properties, forming a hard coat on the surface that blocks out water molecules. We recommend using high-gloss bathroom paint on cabinets and the trim for maximum water-resistance.

How to Choose the Best Bathroom Paint Colour?

The hardest part of a paint job is deciding the colour scheme. Though there are many bathroom paint colours, here are a few tips to select the right shade for your bathroom wall, ceiling, or even the bathroom cabinets:

  • Try Colour Theory: The colour wheel will direct you toward shades that complement each other. For instance, purple and yellow, gold and red, or green and blue are analogous.
  • Choose Three Colours: Pick a colour scheme of three base tones, one neutral, one rich, and one accent within a 70/20/10 distribution. Use the lightest colour to cover 70% of the interior, the second lightest to cover 20%, and keep 10% coverage for the bold accent colour.
  • Combine Your Neutrals: Different neutral palettes create surprising effects, such as a classic blend of white, cocoa brown, and light green. But pair the same neutrals with a deeper variant, and the effect will be pleasantly energising.

Follow the Second Rule of Three: Execute your bathroom colour scheme using one tone at least three times in a room. For example, blue on the vanity, sconces, and cabinet is a bold contrast for a neutral backdrop.

Key Takeaways

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