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The design and functionality of Australian laundry rooms have evolved, turning these once purely functional spaces into areas that can complement the overall aesthetic of your home. With thoughtful design ideas and clever use of space, homeowners can create a laundry area that’s not only practical but also pleasing to the eye.

Here are our laundry ideas on how to transform your space using clean lines, airy colours and smart storage solutions.

Essential Laundry Equipment

When designing a laundry, there are essential items you must include in the space that ensure functionality and efficiency.

Washing Machine and Dryer

The core of any laundry is the washing machine, and a matching dryer complements it for faster drying, especially during wetter seasons.

  • Front-loading machines may be preferred for their water efficiency.
  • Top-loading machines are suitable for those who seek ergonomic loading options.

Ironing Board

A sturdy ironing board with adjustable height settings is crucial for smoothing out wrinkles in clothing post-wash.

Storage Solutions

Ample storage space is necessary to keep the laundry organised.

  • Cupboards for cleaning supplies and linen
  • Tall cupboards for items like brooms, mops, and vacuum cleaners
  • Bench space to ease the folding and sorting workload

Drying Racks

For items unsuitable for a dryer, drying racks or wall nooks tailored for hanging clothes ensure they dry without wrinkling. You could even consider a hanging rod which can be stored away when not in use.

Utility Sink

A deep utility sink aids in hand-washing delicate garments or soaking stained items before washing.

Hanging Rails

These are useful for air-drying ironed clothes or hanging items temporarily.

laundry ideas

Innovative Laundry Ideas

In recent years, Australian homes have seen the introduction of laundry products that marry function with style. These innovations are not only designed to tackle laundry tasks efficiently but also fit elegantly within modern interiors.

Space-Saving Features

Adapting to the diverse needs of households, laundry renovations across Australia show that even the smallest rooms can be transformed into highly functional areas with the right storage solutions and layout.

Multipurpose design strategies are gaining popularity, with new innovative ways to merge laundry spaces with mudrooms or kitchens on the rise. This saves space and reflects a modern approach to interior design where every inch of the home is maximised.

The need for smart space utilisation has also led to the creation of multi-functional furniture and appliances. In-built pull-out drying racks are a prime example, providing a compact solution for drying clothes indoors. Adjustable shelving and hideaway ironing boards are other clever additions that maximise the usability of confined laundry spaces.

Eco-friendly Appliances

Energy efficiency is a critical factor for Australian consumers. Front-loading washing machines are a popular choice due to their water-saving capabilities. These units often feature programmable settings to reduce electricity consumption during off-peak energy periods.

High-Tech Upgrades

Appliances with smart technology are on the rise. Washing machines and dryers with Wi-Fi connectivity allow users to control the appliance remotely through a smartphone app. This innovation adds convenience and can help to manage household chores more effectively.

Aesthetic Enhancements

Luxurious touches such as farmhouse sinks, marble benchtops and LED strip lighting bring a sense of opulence to laundry designs. These elements elevate the look of the laundry room ideas and provide practical benefits, like improved lighting for spotting stains.

Incorporating elements like custom joinery, brick flooring, farmhouse-style fixtures, and planked wall panelling can dramatically enhance the visual appeal of a laundry room.

Organising Your Laundry Space

In many Australian homes, the laundry area is a multi-functional space requiring careful organisation. Utilising a mix of shelving, drawer units, and the smart positioning of appliances, can help you create a space-maximising layout that won’t feel cluttered.

Maximising Vertical Storage

To make the most out of limited square footage, you should consider installing shelving above the washer and dryer. This makes good use of vertical space and provides an area for storing laundry essentials within reach.

Fold-Out Ironing Boards: A fold-out ironing board can be a real space saver, especially when installed inside a drawer. It provides a quick setup for ironing, while easily folding away when not in use.

Colour Coordination

Incorporating colour within storage elements or through the use of matching baskets can not only assist in staying organised but also contribute to a clean, clutter-free aesthetic.

Storage Baskets: Labelled storage baskets can help separate items such as cleaning products, linens, and towels, ensuring everything has a dedicated spot. You can even have separate laundry bins, for lights and darks.

Stacked Appliances

If your laundry layout permits, stacking the washer and dryer can free up valuable wall space, for other essentials, like a fold-down drying rack or additional storage cabinets.

Accessible Necessities

Frequently used items like detergents and fabric softeners should be kept within reach or at the front of shelving. Lesser-used products can be placed higher or in less accessible areas.
laundry ideas

Laundry Room Design Ideas

Designing a laundry room in an Australian home combines functionality with style. Here are some ideas to incorporate into your laundry room design:

  • Expansive Layouts: If you have a larger home, you may opt for an expansive laundry room that even incorporates linen and towel storage. Having ample space allows for dedicated washing, drying, and ironing areas. They often include stacked washers and dryers to save floor space, shaker-style cabinets for ample storage, and a farmhouse sink for hand-washing delicate items.
  • Colour and Texture: To convey personality, integrate colours and textures that complement the rest of your home. Shades like warm beige for walls, brick flooring in reds, and grey cabinets are popular. Planked wall panelling can add a rustic charm too.
  • Dual Function Spaces: Many Australians prefer a multipurpose laundry that may include a mudroom. This idea utilises space efficiently and is great for families as it’s a place to store dirty shoes, umbrellas, outdoor equipment and more! 
  • Light and Ambiance: Light colour schemes such as light green, white and beige help create a fresh and clean atmosphere, giving the illusion of space. Incorporating natural light where possible is also ideal, particularly if you plan on utilising an indoor drying rack. 

Planning a Laundry Renovation Project

When planning a laundry renovation project, you should consider the below factors that contribute to the functionality and aesthetics of the space.

Assessing the Space

First, one must measure the laundry area, taking into account the floor-to-ceiling height, door and window sizes, and the clearance needed for them to open properly.

Identifying the location of waste pipes, existing power points, and lighting is essential, as is planning for any additional ones needed in the new layout.

Layout and Appliance Positioning

The choice between front-loading and top-loader washing machines will significantly influence the layout, especially in smaller laundries.

It’s important to ensure there’s ample space for appliances and storage while considering ergonomic flow for tasks like washing, drying, and ironing.

Storage Solutions

Incorporating sufficient storage is crucial for a well-organised laundry space. Options like cabinetry, shelving, and storage that can stretch to the ceiling, are all great space saver options.


The budget for a laundry renovation in Australia can vary widely. Homeowners should set a realistic budget early in the planning stage, acknowledging that factors such as choice of tiles, benchtops, cabinetry, and tapware can greatly influence the overall cost.`11

Looking for Laundry Renovation Experts?

Renovating a laundry can be a challenge, especially when deciding on the layout and if you are working with a smaller space. Help from the professionals can make a world of difference!

At Hunter Bathroom Renovations, our specialists will assist you in many ways, from material selection to professional paint application. Speak to the experts – contact us today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Maximising vertical space with overhead storage and using light colours can make a small laundry room appear larger. Incorporating multi-functional furniture and avoiding clutter are key to enhancing the space.

Effective organisation starts with sorting laundry into designated baskets and utilising built-in cabinetry for supplies. A combination of open shelves and closed storage helps in maintaining order and accessibility.

For apartment laundries, merging aesthetic appeal with utility is essential. One can opt for stackable machines to save space, and choose sleek designs with cohesive colour schemes to maintain a modern look.

Outdoor laundry solutions can include weather-resistant materials and covered areas for protection against elements. Creative use of space, like fold-down ironing boards or retractable clotheslines, enables functionality in Australian settings.


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